Boise Foothills Levy Poised to Protect More Trails Near Bogus Basin Road


The two-year Boise Foothills Serial Levy, passed by Boise voters in May 2001, continues to expand the footprint of protected lands. The latest acquisition would set aside land on the west side of Bogus Basin Road, just north of the Daniel's Creek trail easements.

The proposed deal became public, not in an announcement from the city but through an internal memo tucked deep inside an agenda packet for the Tuesday, March 3, City Council meeting. If approved, the 40-acre property would be purchased for $300,000—the deal requires the city to pay $3,000 earnest money, pending a due diligence review. The current owners are listed as Deanna and Randy Berry.

Since its inception, the Foothills Program has used approximately $13.4 million in levy funds to protect more than 10,750 acres of undeveloped property through acquisition, donation, conservation easement and exchanges.

Last year, citizens were the beneficiaries of a major 12.6-mile trail easement in the same area, connecting Northwest Boise with the Shafer Butte trail system at Bogus Basin. That easement agreement with Daniel's Creek, LLC stated trails would be open to foot traffic, mountain biking and horseback riding. The use of recreational vehicles like snowmobiles and dirt bikes, as well as using the land for competitive races and programs by schools or organizations, requires written consent from the land owners.