Tribune: Lewiston Police Wait a Full Year For Ammo From Company on the Other Side of Town


Lewiston Police say they're facing a critical shortage—not in manpower, but in ammunition. And the irony is that Lewiston is home to ATK, one of the largest ammo manufacturers in the region. 

But this morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that ATK recently changed its name to Vista Outdoors through a series of mergers and acquisitions. And the new company has now decided to use a wholesaler 600 miles away, in Utah, to provide ammo to its "smaller clients."

"They told me we couldn't deal directly with them anymore," Lewiston Police Sergeant Jeff Klone told the Tribune. "Sometimes now, I'm waiting up to a year to get bullets."

Indeed, the Lewiston Police Department has been waiting a full year to get its bullet orders filled. But the problem hasn't caused the Lewiston Police Department to take its business elsewhere.

"They are a business and have to make business decisions," Lewiston Deputy Chief Roger Lanier told the Tribune. "We're small, but we're a business too. We're in the business to make sure our officers have the resources they need to do the job, so we need to make sure they have practice and duty ammo."