The Results are In: BW Poll Shows Strong Support for Marijuana Legalization in Idaho


According to an online poll conducted Feb. 18-23 by Boise Weekly, readers of your friendly neighborhood alternative newspaper overwhelmingly say that they approve of legal weed in the Gem State.

The question was simple: "Do you support the legalization of marijuana in Idaho?" and released on and over social media outlets Twitter and Facebook. A total of 5,821 people voted, with the vast majority—87.44 percent—expressing "strong support" for the legalization of marijuana.

Of course this isn't a scientific poll. Respondents were self-selected and, while repeat votes were not allowed from the same IP address, voters could enter multiple times across different devices (if they really wanted to).

What we can glean from these results is that there is a strong contingent of people who follow BW on its homepage, Facebook and Twitter who believe that Idaho's laws criminalizing the sale and possession of marijuana are misguided to the extent that they were willing to click on a link and participate in an online poll. 
In part, we released this poll as a follow up to another poll conducted released Feb. 9 by Idaho Politics Weekly that posed a similar question to 605 Idaho residents: "Do you support or oppose the legalization of marijuana in Idaho?" The pollsters found that 53 percent of respondents "strongly oppose" legalization. Another 11 percent of respondents said they "somewhat oppose" legalization. 

  • Idaho Politics Weekly

Response to the IPW poll among BW readers was varied. Some called it a clear piece of statistical evidence indicating Idaho's position on the issue of pot legalization, while others wondered whether the poll was conducted scientifically, citing its real or perceived biases. 

This week's Boise Weekly online poll asks, "How important is it to have a community ombudsman to investigate complaints against police?" as a dovetail to this week's feature story. We hope you'll participate.