Crane Falls Reservoir Gets $72k in Fishing Renovations


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There is not much information on Crane Falls Reservoir onlineā€”or even on a map. The small lake near the C.J. Strike Reservoir is about 25 miles southwest of Mountain Home. Despite its remoteness, the little lake is one of Southwest Idaho's most popular fishing destinations and, beginning March 2, it's getting $72,000 worth of improvements from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

A recent press release from the department states that Fish and Game crews will work on upgrading access points, facilities and fishing docks at Crane Falls. That includes a new small-craft boat ramp, restroom and improved parking near the ramp location. One fishing dock will also be extended farther into the lake.The improvements should be completed by mid-April.

"It's really a total renovation of Crane Falls," stated Fish and Game boating and fishing access coordinator Dennis Hardy in the news release.

The water level at the reservoir will be lowered to make way for construction, and Hardy warned that accessing the water will be difficult during that time. Visitors should also watch for heavy truck traffic along the Snake River Canyon rim, where many blind spots exist.