Take a Look at the New Boise Bike Share Design


Last September, Boise Bike Share Program Director Dave Fotsch dropped BWHQ to show off a demo bike. It had three speeds, a dynamo drive, a cushy seat and a rollout date of sometime ahead of Treefort Music Fest—March 25-29, 2015.

Fotsch and Boise Bike Share have faced setbacks before. At a 2013 COMPASS meeting, members of the Ada County Highway District swept away $326,000 in FY2015 funding for the program that would put rental bike stations across downtown Boise. Now, the program rollout is being delayed by a massive dock workers lockout that has effectively stalled overseas imports, and there's no end to the lockout in sight. Fotsch said he now expects to see bikes hit the streets sometime in April, but "right now, the bikes are on a boat coming from China."

That's the bad news for BBS. The good news is, BW has obtained a mockup of the new bikes. They'll be painted Saint Luke's blue and Select Health green to match the nonprofit's new corporate sponsors, and emblazoned with the program's new name, "Boise GreenBike." BBS is also looking to rent space downtown to house its repair and maintenance operations, and will interview applicants for an open service manager position. That position closes Friday, Feb. 20.

Now, Fotsch is "geotagging" kiosk and station locations, logging them with the GPS tracking devices that will be affixed to each BBS bike. The idea is to charge patrons extra for parking the bikes at non-geotagged areas like bike racks and fences, though the number of kiosks—transaction facilities that give bike access to short-term users—has doubled thanks to approximately $57,000 in funding through the Boise City Council from five kiosks to 10, in addition to the 14 BBS stations already planned. 

Despite some setbacks, Fotsch still has optimism—and a sense of humor—about BBS Year 1. His goal for 2015 is to see riders make 25,000 unique trips using BBS bikes to match the number of trips taken on GREENBikes in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

"We should be able to reach that number if we roll out by September," Fotsch joked.