Hailey Edging Closer to 'Social Hosting' Ordinance


The Hailey City Council is getting closer to taking action on a so-called "social hosting ordinance" which would place greater responsibility on adults when there is underage drinking under their roof. This week's Idaho Mountain Express is reporting that the Hailey Council should take up the issue in the coming weeks. The proposed ordinance would be even tougher than a separate ordinance recently passed by Blaine County Commissioners which makes the first two offenses an infraction and a third offense a misdemeanor. The proposed Hailey ordinance would make the first offense a misdemeanor.

In December 2013, there was a party at the home of a trustee of the Blaine County School Board and there was underage drinking at the event. The incident triggered the resignation of the trustee and a community-wide conversation about underage drinking.

“Considering that possession of alcohol by a minor is a misdemeanor, I would think that the penalty against an adult who should have more maturity and judgment than a minor should be at least a similar grade of offense,” Hailey city attorney Ned Williamson told the Mountain Express.