Amid Labor Slowdown, Port of Lewiston Loses Major Shipping Container Provider


The Port of Lewiston, already struggling due to a major work slowdown at major Pacific Northwest ports, halting more than a hundred barges of Idaho exports looking to be shipped overseas, has been dealt another blow.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that even when the the labor issues are resolved at Northwest Ports, the Port of Lewiston will likely be handling fewer containers due to Hanjin Shipping's plans to withdraw its direct service between the Port of Portland and north-central Idaho.

"It was a surprise to the Port of Lewiston and its customers," Port Manager David Doeringsfeld told the Tribune.

One of Hanjin's major customers has been Clearwater Paper which has been barging its products from Lewiston to Portland using the transport company.

The latest news is just the latest in a series of challenges the Port of Lewiston has faced, according to the Tribune. Recent reports revealed that container volumes fell to their worst level in more than two decades.