Uber Agreement With City of Boise Is Still Up on Blocks


The Boise City Council wants Uber to circle the block a few more times—and not charge any fares—while it continues to hammer out a possible operating agreement with the app-driven rideshare network. In fact, the council slammed the brakes on a proposed interim agreement February 10, saying it didn't have enough detail and was not in line with existing agreements with city taxi and limousine companies.

Ever since Uber rolled into Boise in the fall of 2014, the company has had a rocky relationship with the city, which took a sour turn when city officials slapped Uber with a cease-and-desist order after it learned that Uber drivers had been charging customers, in spite of not having a formal agreement with the city.

And at Tuesday evening's city council meeting, City Council President Maryanne Jordan took particular note of Uber "breaking the law," when she voted against the interim agreement.

The bottom line: the council will take up the issue again, but this time in a workshop session, on Tuesday, Feb. 24. In the meantime, Uber has been told that it is more than welcome to give free rides to Boise customers.