Tea Party: Call to Action at Idaho Statehouse to Kill SBAC Testing


Its official name is the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, but it's better known as the SBAC, a key element to the Idaho Core Standards. And to no one's surprise, the SBAC is in the crosshairs of the Ada County Tea Party.

"Help Kill the SBAC Test in Idaho," trumpets the Tea Party in a newsletter to its followers, urging support of House Bill 65, sponsored by Rexburg Republican Rep. Ron Nate, which calls the Idaho Education Department to immediately begin the process of removing Idaho from the SBAC. SBAC tests are already scheduled for Idaho students this spring.

"Don't wait another minute," states the Tea Party in its newsletter. "Act now for our children's sake."

But lawmakers have already been warned that if any school or school district opts of the SBAC, they may be penalized on accountability reports. 

Idaho Ed News reports that Nate, a freshman lawmaker, introduced the legislation as a personal bill on Jan. 30. The bill includes an emergency clause, meaning that if Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter were to sign it into law, it would be effective immediately.