Video: Spokane City Council Meeting Packed in Shadow of Alleged Hate Crime


Residents packed Monday's meeting of the Spokane City Council to urge what they said was a "call to action" in the wake of an alleged hate crime against a transgender citizen.

KREM-TV reports that one-by-one, Spokane residents stood before their city's lawmakers and called the assault a hate crime.

"On paper, Spokane appears to be more inclusive," said one man. "However, in practice it clearly is not."

Witnesses told police that the victim had been attacked inside a Boots Bakery in the evening hours of Jan. 20 30. 

"They treated me like I was a thing. Like I was someone that didn't deserve respect," said Jacina Scamahorn told KREM-TV. "This is an unfortunate incident, but it's not going to stop me from being myself."

Meanwhile, Spokane police said their major crimes unit was still investigating the incident and hadn't yet determined if it will be treated as an alleged hate crime.