Poll: Idahoans Opposed to Tax Cuts for Wealthy, Split on Guns on Campus


Idaho Politics Weekly, the new website and newsletter sponsored by Zions Bank, is out with another poll, this time surveying Idahoans on taxes and guns.

The newsletter was launched in early January, and shortly thereafter unveiled its first poll, conducted by Utah-based pollster Dan Jones and Associates, indicating that more than two-thirds of Idahoans thought it should be illegal to discriminate against the state's LGBT residents.

The latest survey, also conducted by Jones, indicates that the majority of Idahoans either "strongly oppose" or "somewhat oppose" Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's proposal to lower taxes for those in the state's highest tax bracket.  The survey, which polled 605 Idaho residents and has an approximate margin of error of 4 percent, found that only 30 percent supported Otter's tax cut plan. Among those who considered themselves political independents, 61 percent opposed the tax cuts. Eighty percent of Democrats opposed the tax cut plan, and approximately 49 percent of Republicans supported the governor's tax cut plan. But 52 percent of Republicans questioned said there should be no tax cuts unless education funding was increased and Idaho teacher's base salary was increased to $40,000.

The same survey of 605 Idaho residents also found that Idahoans were about evenly split over whether handguns should be allowed on public university campuses. Forty-five percent said handguns should be allowed on campus if the holder has a proper permit, but 50 percent said that was a bad idea. Among Republicans, 52 percent said guns should be allowed on campus, while 82 percent of Democrats opposed the idea. Political independents were against guns on campus, 55-to-42 percent with 3 percent having no opinion.