City of Ammon, Idaho Joins National Effort for Local Internet Independence


The small Bonneville County community of Ammon is joining 37 other U.S. cities in asking the Federal Communications Commission to allow the communities to control their own Internet infrastructure. Ammon is the only Idaho city on a letter to the FCC. The national effort is dubbed, "Next Century Cities."

Ammon officials say they want to find their own ways to improve high-speed Internet service.

"On the federal level, no one has an answer to fix what is happening on a local level," Ammon technology director Bruce Patterson told KIDK-TV. "We want to see if we can drive a model that makes sense and then offer that to residents and see if they are interested in coming on board where they can have a choice between multiple providers."

By signing the public letter to the FCC, Ammon Mayor Dana Kirkham said her city began work in 2010 to own and operate its own fiber optic system to provide broadband access not only to city departments but to businesses and residents.