Ohio Gov. John Kasich Stops in Boise for National Balanced Budget Amendment


Ohio Gov. John Kasich made a stop at the Idaho Statehouse Jan. 23, but it wasn't to talk about how "Ohio" and "Idaho" sound alike.

The Republican governor and possible 2016 presidential contender came to Boise to discuss a national balanced budget amendment that would address the United States' growing federal debt, which is currently just shy of $13 trillion. A balanced budget amendment would force the federal government to balance its budget and put a halt to deficit spending.

Kasich has been on the road speaking before state legislatures in favor of a possible Constitutional Convention on the subject, highlighting the potential consequences of unrestrained spending on future generations of Americans, the Twin Falls Times-News reports

"If this continues, we're going to see our children forced to do things that are just not right," Kasich told Idaho legislators. 

His goal is to convince 34 state legislatures to call for such an amendment, which would trigger a Constitutional Convention. So far, 24 states have done so. 

According to the Times News, reaction to Kasich's visit to the Gem State was positive, though it remains to be seen if any action on the issue will be taken by the Idaho State Legislature this year. 

Also on Kasich's agenda was to push for Medicaid expansion. His home state is one of the few Republican-led states that has accepted Federal dollars to expand the social health care program for low-income individuals and families. Idaho has rejected growing the program despite numerous studies touting its far-ranging benefits to the state's economy.