Making SkyMall's Boise Connection


On Jan. 23, SkyMall, which for years was the only in-flight magazine on most major U.S. airlines, turned a page in its 25-year-long career in the magazine-and-sick-bag storage seat pocket when its parent company, Xhibit Corporations, filed for bankruptcy.

"We are extremely disappointed in this result and are hopeful that SkyMall and the iconic 'SkyMall' brand find a home to continue to operate as SkyMall has for the last 25 years," said Xhibit CFO and Acting CEO Scott Wiley.

Xhibit is filing for approval of a bankruptcy court-supervised sale of its companies and assets, so the dissolution of the parent company doesn't necessarily signal the ultimate downfall of the purveyor of FitPedal laptop pedal workout desks and In God's Hands cat memorial statues.

Lest we forget, SkyMall has a Boise connection via its founder and former Idaho State Sen. Bob Worsley:
In March 2014, made the pages of Boise Weekly for his former role as Executive of the Board of Directors of the Institute for American Values, a nonpartisan interest group that focused on the "renewal of of marriage and family life" and had ties to State Rep. Lynn Luker's "religious freedom" bill during the 2014 legislative session.