Department of Labor: Idaho's December 2014 Jobless Rate Lowest in Seven Years


Idaho's jobless rate in December was the lowest it has been in 7 years, according to the Idaho Department of Labor.

In the final month of 2014, the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dipped another two-tenths of a percent to a 7-year low of 3.7 percent. Total employment inched forward 300 jobs to reach a total of 743,000 jobs—a record—while the number of unemployed people statewide fell by 1,600. The Gem State's unemployment rate has dropped by a full percentage point. 

The preliminary annual jobless rate has been set at 4.6 percent. That's down 1.3 percent from 2013 and is the lowest annual jobless rate since 2007, when it was 3 percent. Those figures will be revised in March to reflect further data collection.

According to the Department of Labor, these numbers may, in part, reflect a potential outflow of retiring Baby Boomers from the job market.