Video: Montana Town's Water Supply Contaminated by Spill in Yellowstone River


Thousands of residents in the eastern Montana city of Glendive have been told that they shouldn't use the water in the wake of a crude oil spill into the nearby Yellowstone River.

Bottled fresh water has been trucked into the city in the wake of the warning to residents not to drink or cook with the city water supply. Approximately 50,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from a pipeline near where it crosses the river. And the spill triggered elevated levels of benzene discovered downstream from the spill.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock declared a state of emergency for surrounding counties and ordered state agencies to supply the bottled water to area residents.  

Meanwhile, Glendive officials are hoping to cleanse the city's water treatment plant by adding more activated carbon—a type of charcoal—to the supply. Barring that, officials say they may need to bring in extra equipment to temporarily pre-treat any water coming into the facility.