Avian Flu Confirmed in Domestic Birds in Canyon County


The Idaho State Veterinarian has confirmed that several cases of avian flu were detected in Canyon County. Officials determined that several wild waterfowl had been infected and, in turn, spread the avian flu to falcons in a non-commercial flock. Additionally, some chickens in Canyon County tested positive for the virus.

"Both the H5N8 and H5N2 strains of HPAI confirmed in Idaho have previously been identified in incidents in backyard domestic poultry and wild fowl in other northwestern states," wrote State Veterenarian Dr. Bill Barton in a press release. "It is critical that backyard flock owners and poultry producers take every opportunity to prevent contact between domestic birds and the wild waterfowl that carry the avian influenza virus."

All of the surviving birds were reported to be in quarantine. The testing was triggered by a number of cases of avian flu being confirmed in Oregon, Utah and California. Investigators previous confirmed avian flu among wild ducks in Gooding County.

Barton urges Idaho bird owners to be diligent in keeping them apart from wild waterfowl to prevent infection.