Vandalism is Down in Boise Parks; The Cost of Repairs is Way Up


There was a significant drop in vandalism at city of Boise parks and along the Boise Greenbelt during fiscal year 2014.  

That's the good news. Unfortunately, the average cost per incident jumped 72 percent.

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department reported 73 vandalism incidents in FY 2014, compared to 352 in the previous year. But the average cost of vandalism—including labor, materials and equipment costs—was $441.61 per incident in FY 2014, versus $97.05 per incident in the previous year. 

Graffiti again topped the list of types of vandalism incidents in FY 2014, making up 56 percent of all reported events. Destruction of property—including damage to vacant buildings, destroyed fencing, turf and stone damage—came in a close second. The property destruction was the most costly overall, with an average of $847.09 per incident. Arson and trash made up the final two types of vandalism.

The main targets of vandalism during FY 2014 were the Boise Greenbelt (13 incidents), Catalpa and Morris Hill parks (three  incidents each) and Marianne Williams and Veterans parks (two incidents each).