Obama Will Return to Boise for Post-State of the Union Event


President Barack Obama has never visited Idaho. But candidate Barack Obama sure did—filling Boise State University's Taco Bell Arena to the rafters in February 2008 when he was in the midst of a bruising primary battle with Hillary Clinton. Soon after Democratic organizers announced that there would be "a special guest" coming to Boise, word spread throughout the region, attracting the curious from hundreds of miles away to line up in the pre-dawn hours of a chilly Saturday morning. Obama's Idaho visit gained national attention and re-energized a campaign that some pundits said had been on the ropes.

Seven years and two national elections later—in which Obama was trounced in Idaho by GOP hopefuls John McCain and Mitt Romney—Obama returns to the campus of Boise State this coming Wednesday, Jan. 21, as part of a multi-state tour following his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

The news was confirmed by the Idaho Democratic Party late Friday night, and advance teams will be busy in the next few days preparing for Obama's visit, which is expected to include preparations for Air Force One; separate transportation for the traveling press corps; a caravan of vehicles; and the Secret Service's infamous chase car, aka "war wagon," housing its communication devices and weapons.

Details are expected to trickle out in the next couple of days regarding the venue and public's opportunity to attend Obama's speech on Wednesday.