Montana Wolf-Kill Derby Sponsors Say They're Being Threatened


Two weeks after an Idaho wolf-kill "derby" near Salmon claimed 30 coyotes but no wolves, a similar competitive hunt will take place this coming weekend in Montana.

This morning's Missoulian reports the hunt in Sanders County (the exact location is a secret) will offer prizes, and hunters and trappers will be able to negotiate with on-site fur buyers, similar to the Idaho event.

A Trout Creek, Mont., resort and motel owner told the Missoulian that he had originally been a sponsor of the event, but he pulled out "because of the threats that have been received to my family and  myself."  The hunt is now sponsored by Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping and the Montana Trappers Association.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks told the Missoulian that the hunt is legal and a game warden would be monitoring activities in the area.

“It’s open to people properly licensed for wolves,” Montana FWP spokesman John Fraley told the Missoulian, adding that since coyotes were a predator, they didn't require hunting tags.

Registration is set for the evening of Friday, Jan. 16, and the hunt is scheduled to run through Sunday, Jan. 18.