Video: Thumb Tacks Being Spread on Portland's Busiest Bike Bridge


In a Dec. 29, 2014, article for the travel website Matador Network, which bills itself as "the web's best independent travel media site," author Matt Staff said one of the seven rites of passage everyone will experience in Portland is a "daydream about driving cyclists off the road on a regular basis."

"Douchebags who might need a reminder that despite having the right-of-way, you're the one driving a two-ton bullet of a machine, and thus you're the one with all the power," wrote Staff. Portland's bike authority called it an insensitive idea in what they call America's most bike-friendly city.

But things have taken another turn, according to KOIN-TV, which reports that Portland cyclists are now rolling over thumb tacks that are being deliberately placed on Portland's busiest bike bridge. Riders say that someone is intentionally scattering them on the city's Hawthorne Bridge and that's an attack that they think could be "life-threatening."

“That’s someone’s mom, dad, son or daughter,” Jonathan Maus, editor of, told KOIN-TV. “It’s not a joke.”