Uber Returns to Giving Free Rides in Boise


  • Adam Rosenlund
Uber learned that Boise has as much bite as it does bark when the city slapped the rideshare company with a cease-and-desist order on New Year's Eve and began issuing citations to Uber drivers who charged customers for rides after that.

Earlier this week, Uber heeded the city's warning and stopped charging for rides in Boise. Now, when users log onto the Uber app, they see this message: "We've reinstated free rides as we work with the City to create a permanent home for ridesharing in Boise by month's end. Uber on!"

A spokesman for Uber told KTVB that the free rides were brought back after the city threatened drivers with arrest and jail time. Uber has promised to foot the bill for any drivers who receive a citation from the city. 

The city originally issued the order after the company started charging for rides, saying Uber "ignored its own good-faith commitment not to charge for driver services" while continuing negotiations with city for an operating agreement. The statement from Boise City Hall stated that Uber was "essentially operating a business without a business license."