ACHD: Unstable Mesa Slope Keeps Warm Springs Avenue Closed a While Longer


  • Ada County Highway District
People who drive on Boise's Warm Springs Avenue are well-familiar with yellow traffic signs reading, "Watch For Falling Rock." There's good reason for those signs: On Jan. 7, a 50-ton, 7-foot tall boulder rolled onto the thoroughfare. After clearing the giant rock away, officials from the Ada County Highway District say they're worried that the Warm Springs Mesa slope may be unstable and they will keep the road closed until they can clear away more rocks.

"Until those rocks are removed and our experts tell us the slope is stable, we simply cannot risk the safety of motorists by allowing them to drive through there," said ACHD Deputy Director of Engineering Bruce Mills in a statement.

ACHD officials say they have identified a contractor to deal with the issue, and they'll huddle on Monday, Jan. 12 to come up with a plan and time frame for removing the rocks. Until then, Warm Springs Avenue remains closed between Starcrest and Starview drives.