Wolf-Kill Derby Closes, Claiming 30 Coyote Deaths, No Wolves


A predator-hunting "derby" targeting wolves and coyotes near Salmon is over, and hunters this year brought back to base camp 30 coyotes—but no wolves.

In a Facebook post, event organizer and promoter Idaho for Wildlife closed out the derby by thanking participants and confirming the number of wolves and coyotes that had been killed during this year's event. Facebook user Spencer Jensen left a comment, "Looking forward to it next year!"

The derby wrapped up Jan. 4. In 2014, 230 hunters of all ages killed a total of 21 coyotes and no wolves. This year, Idaho for Wildlife Executive Director Steve Adler told Newsweek that more than 125 hunters entered the 2015 contest, which awarded a $1,000 cash prizes for most animals killed. Other prizes were awarded to hunters 10-13 years old and 14-17 years old. 

IFW's derby garnered international controversy when the Bureau of Land Management barred the derby from its property, causing organizers to move the event to privately held land. Idaho State Director for the Humane Society of America Lisa Kauffman told Newsweek that "Rewarding shooters, including young children, with prizes takes us back to an earlier era of wanton killing that so many of us thought was an ugly, ignorant and closed chapter in our history."