Poll: Two-Thirds Say it Should be Illegal in Idaho to Discriminate Against LGBT Residents


  • Kelsey Hawes
According to a poll conducted by Utah-based pollster Dan Jones and Associates, more than two-thirds of Idahoans think it should be illegal to discriminate against the state's LGBT residents.

The poll, released on Idaho Politics Weekly, a presentation of Zions Bank, sampled 520 adults, with a margin for error of plus/minus 4.3 percent. It concluded that, in response to the question, "Should it be illegal to discriminate in housing, employment, and business based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Idaho," 67 percent of respondents said "yes," 27 percent said "no," and 6 percent said, "don't know."

Jones further found that 58 percent of Republicans said they believe such discrimination should be illegal, along with 87 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of independents and 52 percent who described themselves as "very conservative." 

The poll is likely to bear heavily on the Add the Words movement, which seeks to add "gender identity" and "sexual orientation" to the state's 1960s-era human rights law. Dec. 17, Idaho State Representative Brent Crane told the Nampa Chamber of Commerce that the issue will get a hearing this legislative session, though he believes that no-one should be forced to perform a same-sex wedding, alluding to The Hitching Post, a north Idaho wedding chapel that bucked against Coeur d'Alene's nondiscrimination ordinance.

At present, eight Idaho cities have passed nondiscrimination ordinances, banning, to varying degrees, housing, employment and public accommodations discrimination based on LGBT status.