Southwest Idaho's Snowpack is Above Average



When hydrologists from the National Resources Conservation Service measured snow pack on Dec. 30, 2014 at Mores Creek near Idaho City, they found the pack was at 53 inches, according to Boise State Public Radio

BSPR reported than Idaho NRCS Water Supply Specialist Ron Abramovich said the snowpack contains 14 inches of water.

"Normally at this time of year, we'd have 12 inches of water in the snowpack," he told BSPR. "So we're a little above average, which is good."

In order to continue the trend, April 1 would see snowpack containing 30 inches of water, but Abramovich said he doesn't expect to see much more snow for the winter—although he didn't expect to see as much snow as we have so far, either. Forecasts earlier this fall called for a dry winter because of the El Nino weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean. Unexpected storms have brought a healthy amount of precipitation to this part of the state.

According to the snow report, Bogus Basin currently has a base of 35 inches of snow, and a total season snowfall of 64 inches. NOAA forecasts the possibility of 15 inches of snow accumulation through Sunday and Monday, before precipitation turns to rain.