Frozen Festivities: Brace Yourself For a Very, Very Cold New Year's Eve


2014 is ending much like it began, with a cold blast of arctic air pushing overnight lows to well below freezing and ushering in a very frigid New Year's Day.

The National Weather Service office in Boise is forecasting more snow for the Boise region Dec. 29 and 30, but then a deep freeze will settle in with an overnight low of 1 degree forecast for Tuesday night and 6 degrees for New Year's Eve. New Year's Day is expected to be clear and very cold with a forecast high of 17 degrees.

The National Weather Service has tracked weather history since 1878 and the lowest New Year's Day temperature in Boise on record was 13-degrees below zero in 1942 (the second-coldest was 10-below in 1979); and the highest temperature was 61 degrees, recorded in 1939 (current residents may remember 1997 when Boise topped out at 60 degrees). The record snowfall for New Year's Day in Boise was six-inches recorded in 1910. But it was in 1982 that there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground in Boise following a holiday week blast of snow.