Video: Dog Rescued After Columbia Gorge Fall


David Schelske and Sandy - OREGON HUMANE SOCIETY
  • Oregon Humane Society
  • David Schelske and Sandy
David Schelske, of West Linn, Ore., was sure that he would never see his yellow Lab again after his dog, Sandy, disappeared near the ledge of a more than 100-foot cliff during a Christmas Day hike in the Columbia River Gorge. But fellow hikers and rescuers from the Oregon Humane Society went into action, arriving on the scene at 7 p.m. and working through the night to find her.

According to The Oregonian's Oregon Live website, rescuers discovered that Sandy got scared during the hike and broke her leash, ran around a corner and disappeared, sliding down a steep slope to a cliff ledge about 70 feet from the ground. A humane society volunteer rappelled to the ledge, put a harness on Sandy and pulled her to safety. The dog suffered minor injuries.