Boise Parks and Rec Wants Help Naming Foothills Trails


When you click on this link, you're fronted with a map of trails in the city's newly acquired Hillside to Hollow open space in the Boise foothills. Then the question is posed: "Do you have a better name than Trail 9?" 

Boise Parks and Recreation is asking the public and the users of Hillside to Hollow to help rename nine trails that wind from Quail Hollow Golf Course to Bogus Basin Road. Folks have from Dec. 22 to Dec. 28 to nominate trail names via the interactive map, then from Dec. 29 to Jan. 4, the submitted names will be visible. Users can vote on one name per trail.

The trails will then be officially named and be printed on signs and appear on the Ridge to Rivers Trail System Map.

This isn't the first time the public gets a fair amount of input on this 319-acre area. After the city and the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley purchased the land to save it from development in 2013, they laid out the maps and handed the markers to the public to mark which trails should stay, which should go, and which should be added.

David Gordon of Ridge to Rivers, said this is a much more creative approach to naming trails than usual.

"Usually we name trails based on geographic reasons, like at Watchmen's Trail, there was an old mine called Watchmen there," Gordon said, "or the name of the drainage, or the formation it goes across. Rather than us just coming up with names for the trails, why not stay in the collaborative spirit of the whole thing."

He said if there's a common name that people use for these trails that Boise Parks and Rec doesn't know about, now's the time to bring it forward. For Gordon, it's a different way of thinking of the land.

"I use those trails a lot, but I never think of them in terms of names," he said.