Video: Idaho Boy Makes Amends With The Grinch


An Idaho 4-year-old says he's prepared to have an even merrier Christmas, but only after having a run-in with the Grinch. 

KXLY-TV chronicles how young Jacob Magavero, one of Santa's biggest fans, finally threw the gauntlet down to the old, green miser.

"He was being naughty," Mogavero told KXLY, referring to his encounter with the Grinch on a holiday-themed cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene. "I was mad at him."

In fact, he was mad enough to add a P.S. to his Christmas list to Santa. Jacob said he was prepared to tell Santa to finally go and beat up the Grinch, but then he took a cue from Cindy-Lou Who.

"I decided to love him."

Instead, Jacob sent this letter to the Grinch:

Dear Grinch,

I was mad at you for being naughty to Santa. Now I think you just need some love.

Your friend,

Jacob Mogavero