Idaho Board of Ed Approves Proposal for New Career, Salary Structure for Teachers


In its final session of 2014, the Idaho State Board of Education unanimously approved a so-called "career ladder" plan for Idaho teachers that would boost salaries. The 2015 Idaho Legislature will have the final say on the proposal. 

The plan would boost salaries for beginning teachers from $31,750 to $40,000 and for those educators at the top level of a five-year period, salaries would bump from $47,000 to $58,000, starting with the 2015-2016 school year. But those increases wouldn't be immediate. They would come in incremental increases over five years.

Last month, the state board also approved the controversial "tiered licensure" plan, which met robust opposition from teachers across the state. But the state board agreed not to tie the career ladder to the tiered licensure plan, allowing lawmakers to approve one, both or neither.