ACHD Announces New Capitol Boulevard Bike Lanes in Downtown Boise


  • ACHD
The Ada County Highway District announced this morning the completion of a new network of a northbound bicycle lane and "sharrows" on Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise.

But people who live, work and commute downtown have likely noticed that the lanes are nothing new, having been painted soon after the completion of scheduled maintenance on Capitol Boulevard Oct. 27.

According to ACHD communications specialist Nicole Pineda, though the project of painting lanes and "sharrows"—symbols indicating that roadways are to be shared by motorists and cyclists—began in November, it wasn't until Dec. 14 that the final touches were made, bringing the project to completion. 

"We had a few hiccups," Pineda said, referring to the November snowstorm that left the new road surface covered in moisture and sand particles, delaying the re-striping of the road.

The new lanes were created by narrowing existing motor traffic lanes.

According to Pineda, the bike lane stakeholder group was consulted regarding the dimensions of the new bike routes.