Video: #BlackLivesMatter Inspires Demonstration, Conversation at Boise State

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Farzan Faramarzi is an intern extraordinaire for Boise Weekly this semester—reporting and videoing news and culture stories throughout the Treasure Valley for the past few months. 

But on the evening of Saturday, Dec. 6, while covering a Boise State University football game at Albertsons Stadium, he took note of a series of one-letter signs being held up by students that read #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

CBS television cameras panned the crowd, but Faramarzi noticed that the network quickly cut away from the demonstration of solidarity. 

"As a journalist, I couldn't forget what I saw," said Faramarzi. "Apparently 'the shirtless guy' got more attention than these students. I wanted to find them and talk to them."

And indeed he did. Here is Faramarzi's in-studio conversation with three Boise State students who were behind the sign, who shared their moments of inspiration in the wake of the killings of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement.