Idaho Escapee Nabbed by 'Bite Dog'


They're called "bite dogs"—police K9s used when suspects don't want to comply. And after a three-hour standoff with Idaho law enforcement, the bite dog moved in to "collar" his criminal.

James Gallaher, 29, had been charged with aggravated assault, committing an offense while armed, and drug paraphernalia possession following the Dec. 13 shooting of another man during a party in the Lapwai area. Nez Perce Tribal Police say Gallaher escaped from custody shortly after a court appearance in Lapwai. According to officials, inmates had just completed their court appearances and were awaiting transport back to the Nez Perce County Jail when Gallaher bolted from the courthouse. 

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that Gallaher was tracked to a trailer park near Lewiston on Tuesday. Police said Gallaher had gotten rid of his handcuffs and prison stripes during his hours of freedom, and had flagged down a car on U.S. 95 to hitch a ride to Lewiston.

Officers ultimately used a police K9 to flush Gallaher out of the trailer.

"He wouldn't come out, he wasn't responding, he wouldn't open up a line of communication," Idaho State Police Capt. Lonnie Richardson told the Tribune. "We called an enforcement canine."

The suspect is behind held, without bond, at the Nez Perce County Jail.