Video: Closing Arguments Today in Montana Garage Shooting Case


The defense and prosecution are expected to give final arguments in a Montana courtroom this morning and then a judge will charge a jury with determining whether a Missoula man deliberately shot a German exchange student in his garage.

Diren Dede, a German teen who had been attending a Montana high school as part of a foreign exchange program, was killed April 27 when a Missoula homeowner fired four shotgun blasts into his garage. Dede had entered the garage searching for alcohol to steal. The homeowner, Markus Kaarma, faces a charge of deliberate homicide. The father of the victim criticized Kaarma for being part of a "cowboy culture."

Kaarma's attorney says his client was frightened for his family after two burglaries in his neighborhood. But prosecutors called a parade of neighbors who testified that Kaarma's girlfriend had laid a trap to catch a would-be burglar. But perhaps the most compelling testimony came from a law enforcement official who said Kaarma took three shots at the victim, paused and adjusted his aim and made a fourth shot. 

Kaarma insisted that the victim was a felon for breaking into his garage, while his defense called six witnesses over two days. In all, the trail has lasted for more than two weeks.

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