North Idaho Officials Close Doors to Public On Same Day That Wasden Is In Town for Open Meeting Workshops


On the same day that Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden visited the Idaho Panhandle to talk about open meeting laws, the city of Sandpoint had a closed-door meeting—involving a very public matter—yet no public notice of the session could be found.

This morning's Coeur d'Alene Press is reporting that the closed-door meeting was hosted by the city of Sandpoint and included public officials from Bonner County, the cities of Dover and Ponderay, state Sen. Shawn Keough and officials from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. The topic? Oil and coal train traffic that pushes through the region on a regular basis—and there are plans for a lot more of those trains to be whistling by.

The Press reports that when one Sandpoint resident heard about the meeting, he was denied entry by none other than the mayor of Sandpoint.

"I was hoping to attend and I was bounced," Randy Stoltz told the Press.

But Sandpoint officials insist that the session was information-only and no actions were taken.

Meanwhile, no city of Sandpoint officials were in attendance at Wasden's workshop on open meeting laws.