Video: Student Says Basketball Coach Choked Him, Threw Him to Ground


The big news in the community of Hermiston, Ore., is that a local teacher has been charged with harassment but a student says the teacher did much more. In fact the student says the teacher chocked him until he couldn't breathe.

KULR-TV is reporting that the incident began at basketball practice at Sandstone Middle School in Hermiston. That's where the boy said his coach, Webster Castaneda, grabbed the boy by the neck, "And he just like flipped out and started squeezing on my neck and like threw me on the ground."

The Hermiston Police Department confirmed to KULR-TV that Castaneda had been charged with one count of harassment.

But even the alleged victim's teammates say it was much more than harassment.

"It was like scary," said another student. "Now I think about every teacher being like that now. I don't know how they're going to be."

Meanwhile, school officials told the parents of the alleged victim that they're unsure whether Castaneda would remain at the school and they might even negotiate a way for the coach and student to "never interact."

KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT