Montana Medical Examiner: German Teen Moved Away from Door When Shot


A German exchange student was moving away from a door leading into Markus Kaarma's kitchen when the student was fatally shot by Kaarma, the Missoulian reports

Kaarma, 30, of Grant's Creek, Mont., has been charged with deliberate homicide after he shot German national Diren Dede in April 2014. Kaarma fired his shotgun four times into his garage without warning. It's unclear why Dede was in Kaarma's garage, though Kaarma's lawyers have contended that he had been targeted by a ring of teenage burglars.

Prosecutors have alleged that Kaarma and his partner, Janelle Pflager, left their garage door ajar and a purse out in the open to ensnare intruders. 

Dr. Gary Dale, the state medical examiner, testified that the killing was a homicide—that after Dede had been struck by shotgun pellets in the arm, he was moving toward the garage door when a second shotgun blast struck him in the head.

"He would have been brain dead upon sustaining these wounds," Dale told members of the jury.

Dede's killing received national media attention when the teen's father, Celal Dede, arrived in Montana to take his son's body back to Germany. At the time, he railed on America's gun culture, telling the press, "America cannot continue to play cowboy."