Ada County Sheriff's Office: Large Cache of Weapons Stolen From Unlocked Cars, Homes in 2014


The Ada County Sheriff's Office reports that there have been 18 separate incidents where guns have been stolen from vehicles, homes or storage units in 2014, resulting in 23 more guns—13 handguns, seven shotguns and three high-powered rifles—ending up in criminals' hands.

The latest incident, on Nov. 29,  involved the break-in of a Ford Explorer in the Star area, where thieves stole a .40 caliber Glock pistol and 15 rounds of ammunition. Thieves also took an armored vest, a magazine for an AR rifle and 30 rounds of military-grade 5.56 mm ammunition.

Just a week before, there was another burglary near the Eagle Hills Golf Course where thieves took two shotguns from an unlocked camper shell on a pickup.

Sheriff's deputies also report that there have been six reports of guns being stolen from unlocked homes or storage units since Jan. 1.

In all, ACSO has logged 247 reports of vehicle burglaries so far this year, with 189 of those vehicles being unlocked. 29 of the burglaries involved windows being smashed in or doors pried-open.