Video: Idaho Man Tracked by Caller ID, Arrested for School Bomb Threat


It didn't take law enforcement in North Idaho long to take a suspect into custody following a bomb threat in the Kootenai County community of Hayden. The threat was called in to Atlas Elementary School about 2:30 p.m. Dec. 5; the suspect was behind bars later that afternoon.

KREM-TV is reporting that law enforcement were able to track the male suspect using caller ID. In fact, detectives with the North Idaho Violent Task Force were coincidentally outside of the suspect's home when he made the call. It turns out that they were about to serve him with a warrant for his arrest for a previous crime.

During the threat, students and staff from Atlas Elementary were evacuated to a nearby office building. Additionally, the office building—Panhandle Health District headquarters—was placed on lockdown. Meanwhile, parents were notified of the incident through the school district's emergency alert system.

Jacob Moore, 25, of Hayden is behind bars, facing a felony charge of making a false bomb threat.