Lifetime Hunting Bans for Two Idaho Poachers


Two Idaho men, each convicted of poaching, have been slapped with lifetime hunting bans.

The Idaho State Journal reports that 33-year-old Adam Harris of the Madison County community of Archer and 35-year-old Brandon Harris of  the Jefferson County town of Ririe were sentenced to pay combined fines of more than $100,000, lifetime license revocations and prison terms of two to five years. Law enforcement said the two were responsible for a poaching spree that lasted for three  months and resulted in the deaths of at least eight deer, one elk and a moose. Prosecutors said even more animals had been wounded but never recovered.

It turns out that both suspects had previous convictions for other crimes, and both men were on parole after being released from prison.

The Journal reports that the investigation included Madison County Sheriff's deputies, conservation officers from Idaho Fish and Game and the Idaho Bureau of Probation and Parole.