NY Times: November Job Numbers 'Best in Months, Maybe Years'


The U.S. Labor Department announced this morning that November's job gains were the strongest since January 2012, but the nation's unemployment rate held steady at 5.8 percent. In all, nearly 321,000 jobs were added to U.S. payrolls last month.

"These are the best job numbers in months, maybe years," wrote The New York Times' Neil Irwin this morning on his Upshot blog. "Indeed, it is in the details of what make this report a good one that you find evidence for momentum in the economy."

Average hourly wages rose 0.4 percent in November, and the average length of the workweek for private-sector workers was up to 34.6 hours. 

The nation's retail sector saw some of November's strongest growth, with 50,000 new jobs added as stores staff up for the holidays. In a sign that the housing sector is rebounding, specialty trade contractor jobs rose by 20,000.

Pace of job growth since 2008. - BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK
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  • Pace of job growth since 2008.