Toy Gun Triggers School Lockdowns in Middleton, Student Suspended


  • Canyon County Sheriff's Office
A Canyon County elementary school student has been suspended from school for two days in the shadow of an incident earlier this week where he brought a toy gun to school.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office says the toy revolver was convincing enough to pass for the real thing at first glance, and "even a toy gun can be dangerous when an officer has to make a split-second, life-or-death decision."

The principal at the child's school says a full interview will be conducted with the parents of the child to determine if a longer suspension is necessary.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that the incident began when authorities were alerted to the possibility that someone had a gun on a Middleton school bus, on its way to Middleton Heights Elementary School. Two schools were put into so-called "soft lockdowns" as officers searched for the weapon. 

"We treat the toy gun just like a regular gun as far as threat of violence," Middleton School Superintendent Richard Bauscher told the Tribune. "Our policy still addresses it."