Mountain Express: Too Few Taxis, Too Many Headaches For Wood River Cabs


With an over-abundance of taxi companies in the city of Boise—BW counted 86 of them this past July—the Wood River Valley is struggling with the opposite problem. This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that there are fewer than five companies in their valley, servicing Sun Valley, Ketchum, Bellevue and far-distance pick-ups and drop-offs.

But the Wood River Valley taxi companies are also struggling with the same issues as major cities: high turnover of drivers and drivers working on commission. One driver complained recently that he worked on Thanksgiving and only had one fare during his eight-hour shift.

In the meantime, some taxis are popping up in the Ketchum area from out of the region, even out of the state. Ketchum City Attorney Stephanie Bonney said that is perfectly legal. But it may not be practical.

"I've actually ridden in one of those (out-of-state) taxis and had to tell the guy how to get to where we were going," said Ketchum Councilwoman Anne Corrock. "We knew where we were going, but a guest may not. I don't think that makes us look so good."

Another unique problem is Sun Valley's celebrities and high-rollers who bring along their own entourages.

"High-end customers require three vehicles and that takes my vehicles away from the community as a taxi service," said one taxi owner.