Rusche Won't Face Recount in Idaho House 6B Nailbiter


There were two razor-thin election races in Idaho Legislative District 6. One of them has triggered a recount, the other hasn't.

Last Friday, we reported that a recount had been ordered for the Idaho House 6A race that was won with a 26-vote margin by Democratic challenger Dan Rudolph over incumbent GOP Rep. Thyra Stevenson of Lewiston.

Idaho House Minority Leader John Rusche won his race for the 6B seat by 48 votes over Republican opponent Mike Kingsley. But Rusche won't be facing any recount.

"I got a phone call from Mike Kingsley," Rusche wrote on his Facebook page today. "He told me that he was not seeking to recount our race, and wished me the best for my term of service. Mike was gracious, and I have to admit that as close as the race was I might have considered a recount had things been reversed. But the history of recounts is that they do not make a large difference in vote totals."

Meanwhile, Stevenson, a freshman state representative, filed a signed one-page recount request dated Nov. 18 with the Attorney General’s Office. Idaho charges a $100 per precinct fee for recount expenses, but “deposit” money not needed for expenses will be refunded. For the recount of 33 Nez Perce County precincts, Stevenson paid $3,300 in recount fees to the AG’s office with a check dated Nov. 19.

The Rudolph-Stevenson contest was the closest general election legislative race this year in Idaho.