Another 'Hit List' Surfaces at Idaho School


Yet another alleged "hit list" has surfaced at a North Idaho school.

Earlier this week, the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office reported that it had discovered a second list linking dozens of names to a student at Kellogg High School, who has been arrested in connection with the incident. Additionally, a teacher at the school discovered a "shank" believed to be tied to the suspect.

And now, this morning's Coeur d'Alene Press is reporting that the Bonner County Sheriff's Office is confirming that a "kill list" was discovered on an iPad in a Southside Elementary classroom in Sandpoint. The list has since triggered an investigation from the county sheriff's and prosecutor's offices.

"There's no threat to the kids at school," Det. Sgt. Gary Johnston told the Press. "That's been taken care of."

Law enforcement is remaining tight-lipped on much of the investigation, other than saying that an identified suspect was an 11-year-old male. The school has yet to determine if charges will be filed, according to the Press

"Obviously, we are dealing with a young child at an elementary school," Prosecutor Louis Marshall told the Press. "Often children don't understand the ramifications of making threats of violence."