Authorities Report Bighorn Poaching Incidents at Washington-Idaho Border


  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Washington authorities are investigating a particularly grisly incident involving the alleged poaching of two Bighorn Sheep rams, saying that the deaths could be part of an "unsustainable" harvest of the Asotin Creek herd at the Washington-Idaho border.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says one bighorn was shot and wounded and left to die. The second bighorn had a radio collar on, but all investigators could find was the collar, which had been cut off and thrown into the brush. Additionally, a Nez Perce tribal hunter killed a third ram in the same vicinity. Washington Fish and Wildlife said the Native American hunter was exercising his tribal hunting rights, and along with a Nez Perce tribal conservation officer, dropped off the third bighorn's collar at F&W offices.

Anyone with information regarding the alleged poaching is asked to call the Washington Fish and Wildlife office at 509-710-5707.