Video: Idaho Couple to Auction Off 1,300 Firearms


They're not saying why, but a North Idaho couple have decided to get rid of most of their guns—about 1,300 of them.

KREM-TV is reporting that a Post Falls auctioneer contacted the couple to see if they might be interested in some extra cash for the weapons. 

"Started off with two or three hundred," said Kym Nagel, owner of Premier Auction Center. "Moved up to three or four hundred. And at the end of the day, it ended up at 1,300." 

The guns include rifles dating back to 1906 all the way to modern handguns. There are assault rifles, pistols and most every type of 20th century firearm. The auctioneer said the guns easily have a retail value of over half-a-million dollars. The auction is set for Friday, Nov. 21, continuing into Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 22-23, at the Post Falls auction house.