Preston Poisoning: 14 Sickened at Southeast Idaho Resort


More than a dozen people needed to be hospitalized when a family reunion at a resort in the Franklin County community of Preston went very bad.

The Preston Citizen is reporting that Franklin County emergency responders were summoned to the Riverdale Resort on Nov. 15. That's when they found at least 14 people complaining of symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The group got medical attention at the Logan (Utah) Regional Hospital. At least two individuals needed treatment in hyperbaric chambers.

Franklin County law enforcement told the Citizen that they checked other buildings at the resort and determined that the problem was isolated to one area. 

“The cause of the poisoning appears to have come from an outdoor propane heater that was placed in the enclosure by Riverdale Resort management to take a morning chill off the building," Franklin County Sheriff Dave Fryar told the Citizen, adding that the incident was still under investigation.

You may remember Preston as the Idaho town where the film Napoleon Dynamite took place.