Video: $60 Per Hour for 'Professional Cuddling'



Let's just say that if you have "space" issues, this place isn't for you. A Portland shop, offering cuddles and "platonic touching," says business is booming.

KPTV-TV reports that the shop is called Cuddle Up to Me.

"I was at a place where I thought paying someone to hug me and not have ulterior motives sounded like a great idea," said owner Samantha Hess, who operates the shop on 10th and East Burnside in Portland. "I decided, 'Why can't this be a thing that we can easily and safely reach for?'"

Hess began by meeting customers at locations of their choosing. But now, her cuddling studio, complete with cameras for safety, boasts a full-time staff. An hourlong session costs $60.

"People always think that there are upgrades or, you know, additional services that we provide, and that's not true," she said. "It's the same for a man or a woman. We are a family-oriented service."